Ask Dr. Michael

The 5 Step Process Consists of...

1) consultation & postural examination

2) electronic gait scan, 3D foot scan & biomechanical evaluation

3) custom orthotic fitting

4) orthotic dispensing

5) follow up care.

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Orthotics for Tired Achy Feet

Experiencing tired achy feet? Anyone with a job that requires them to stand for extended periods of time will be all too familiar with foot fatigue

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Relief of Pain from Patellofemoral Syndrome I have always been a strong believer that knee pain and mosquitos are proof of some all-knowing, all-po


  • I got myself my first pair of orthotics from Dr. Michael Horowitz at Vancouver Orthotics. I never write reviews but based on the level of customer service and support I felt compelled to write a review on this doctor. He took a considerable amount of time and caring to properly fit me in my new custom orthotics. He began by assessing my stride and did a gait scan and then used a 3D scanner to assess my feet. I got to say that the equipment is really unbelievable and I can see that Dr. Michael used all the latest technology to assess my feet. My feet adjusted to the orthotics extremely quickly and Dr. Michael took his time to explain the procedure for wearing them for the first week or two. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Horowitz to anyone that needs to get a custom pair of orthotics. He is a genuinely wonderful person and really took his time in ensuring that I got the best product and fit for my feet. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to help me with my feet.

    Lou Shineshine
  • I was referred to Vancouver Orthotics and Dr. Michael Horowitz by my mom. I complained a lot about foot and arch pain, always bothering me after dance. I had two pairs made for my dance and school shoes and both pairs fit my shoes like a glove. My feet hardly ever bother me now and I really appreciated the time Dr. Horowitz took explaining to me why my feet hurt. Great job, highly recommended.

    Jordana Pipke
  • I only have good things to say about my experience with Dr. Michael Horowitz. I love my shoes but I'll be the first to admit that not all of them are so good for my feet! My experience at Vancouver Orthotics was thorough. They used a variety of assessment tools including an electronic gait scan and 3D scanner. I think new technology is the way to go. Very happy with my experience, the service and my pair of orthotics.

    Dayna Wosk
  • Most reasonable orthotics around and—even better—great care, attention, and service! It is so good to be able to stand, walk, and exercise again!—I’m thrilled! I was very impressed with Vancouver Orthotics—and I am so great-full for their orthotics. I was able to make an appointment within 3 days. Dr. Michael Horowitz had me walk on a mat that transferred a picture of each foot to the computer (incorrect terminology). When my orthotics arrived, I went in and he checked to be sure they were a good fit. There was an offer of a second pair at reduced rate for up to 6 months afterwards, and there was also an email follow-up a month or so later to see how I was doing with them. My feet and legs continued to improve so, very close to the 6mo mark, and I phoned to order another pair. This time I booked an app’t for the next day. Michael reassessed my feet with the same pad, and he also had another device which measured each foot from another angle. (Having 2 approaches gives a more accurate measurement.) He said my feet had improved so the orthotics needed to be modified. The fact there was a complete reassessment for the second pair of orthotics made me realise, even moreso, that my comfort and my condition are important to him.

    Joanie Wolf
  • Amazing Results, I am walking properly and i can feel it.

    David Frey SimpleSEOServices